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Social groups

What are social groups?

A trans-inclusive social gathering that meets regularly at a local venue such as a pub or café. Some social groups also organise day trips or special events.

What do social groups do?

  • Mood

    Reduces social isolation

How can social groups help?

Social groups can:

  • give you an opportunity to meet other trans people in an informal setting
  • provide a safe social outlet if you are feeling isolated
  • help you make new friends and contacts in the community
  • provides a space to work on aspects of your gender identity such as voice and style
  • let you build your confidence in being more visibly different

How can I find social groups near me?

The following might run social groups or be able to give you a list of local ones:

You can also search for groups near you on these sites:

There are also some social groups run as video chats:

What should I be aware of?

Social groups are more likely to be organised by individuals not organisations, so you may need to do more research before attending. Here are some steps to consider:

  • Speak to the person who organises the group to find out more about it
  • Ask about the venue and check it is safe
  • Consider whether people will be drinking alcohol and how comfortable you are with that
  • If you know someone who attends, ask them to take you to the next event
  • Some groups will arrange for you to be met at the nearest public transport stop which you may find helpful
  • Are there rules for the event?
  • Do you have a way to leave easily if you need to?

Remember: attending a social group can be useful, but it is important to check that the group’s events are appropriate for you. Social groups should provide a supportive and safe environment and if you are uncomfortable during an event, you do not have to stay.

Are there other options?

Other things that can offer some of the same benefits as attending social groups are:

You might want to consider these if you do not feel comfortable attending social groups, there are no social groups in your area, or a social group does not fit your needs.

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