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Support services

What are support services?

Getting help and information from an organisation that provides specialist one-to-one support relating to gender.

What do support services do?

  • Mood

    Reduces anxiety and uncertainty

Why might I want to use support services?

Changing things about your gender can bring up lots of questions and unexpected emotions. Often, it can be helpful to talk to other people and get their input.

How do I get support?

In the UK, there are several specialist services available to provide you with information and support. If these services cannot help you themselves, they may be able to point you to other people who can help.

Gendered Intelligence provides phone, WhatsApp, and email support for those aged 17.5+ who need information and emotional support while waiting for gender affirmative healthcare.

Mermaids provide phone, online chat, and email support for transgender youth aged up to 25 in the UK.

Mindline Trans+ is a helpline for adults in the UK who identify as trans or non-binary, run by mental health charity Mind.

There is local support available:

If you are on a gender service waiting list or are a current gender service user, you can also get support from:

If you are 12-18 and in the North of England, you can also access Gender Space.

If you are a student at a school, college, university, or any other educational setting, you can access the Gendered Intelligence Mentoring Service for a fee.

Are there other options?

Other sources of support you could consider are:

You might want to consider these in combination with accessing a trans support service.

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