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Getting a new driving licence

What is a new driving licence?

Updating the name, photo, or gender on your full or provisional driving licence.

What does a new driving licence do?

How long does a new driving licence last?

The change of name or gender is permanent. It remains in effect unless you apply to update your name or gender on your driving licence again

How do I get a new driving licence?

You do not need a GRC to change the name or gender on your passport, driving license, or any other identification other than your birth certificate.

You can update the name, title, and photo on your driving licence with a D1 form. You can’t update your licence online. You can get D1 forms at a post office or have DVLA send one to you.

To update your name on your licence you will need to send your deed poll or statutory declaration. Photocopies are not accepted, so you must either send the original document or a certified copy.

You do not need a doctor’s letter to change the gender of your driving licence. UK driving licences do not have a gender marker but gender is encoded in your driver number 1. You may want to write a covering letter stating your transition and asking for the gender to be changed.

Where can I learn more?

You can learn more about applying for and updating driving licences on the DVLA website.


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