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Getting a new passport

What is a new passport?

Applying for a new passport or returning your current passport for one with an updated name, photograph, and/or gender marker.

What does a new passport do?

Who can have a new passport?

  • Parental consent is normally required if you are under 18

  • You must be willing to state you are male or female in your application

How long does a new passport last?

UK adult passports are valid for ten years, but can be updated at anytime during their validity.

What should I be aware of?


UK passports can only show a gender marker of male or female.

Home Office guidance indicates that if you do not request either “male” or “female” your application should be rejected 1.


You usually must update any foreign passports you hold before updating your British passport.

There is more information for people with dual citizenship further down the page.


Any current visa you hold will not be automatically transferred to your new passport.

There is more information relating to visas further down the page.

What do I need first?

To update the name in your UK passport, you will need:

  • proof of your name change

    This can be either a deed poll or statutory declaration. Photocopies are not accepted, so you must either send the original document or a certified copy.

  • proof of using your new name

    This can be things like bank statements, utility bills, council tax bills, or payslips that show you using a new name.

To update the gender marker in your UK passport, you will need:

  • either a letter indicating your change of gender

    This is a letter written by a medical professional which should clearly state that the professional believes your change of gender is “expected to be permanent”. The letter could be written by your GP or a gender specialist you have seen at a gender clinic, and they will normally charge you money for writing this letter. If the letter does not indicate this is a “permanent” change, your application may be rejected and you may need to make a new application. Home Office guidance suggests that if you cannot provide such a letter, you might instead be able to make a statement confirming you permanently use the preferred identity instead.

  • or a gender recognition certificate

    You do not need a gender recognition certificate (GRC) to change the name or gender on your passport, driving license, or any other identification other than your birth certificate. However, if you have a GRC already, you do not need to send evidence of your change of gender or a letter, and can send either the GRC or your updated birth or adoption certificate.

How do I get a new passport?

Updating a passport is different depending on whether you already have a UK passport or not.

I already have a UK passport

You can update your name and/or gender marker on an existing UK passport either online or by post. Forms for postal updates are available from your local post office. You will need to return your old passport along with the application. If you have lost your passport, you will need to declare it lost.

You will need to send the passport office two passport photographs. If your appearance has changed significantly you will also need to get the photographs countersigned. If you are in doubt, it can be better to get them countersigned, as having to respond to a request to send in new photographs can slow the process down.

If you are under 18, you may need to provide written consent from everyone with parental responsibility (or legal guardianship) for you 1.

It may take some time to receive your new passport. You can find out the current wait time for a new passport on the GOV.UK website.

I already have a passport for a different country

The procedure for changing names and gender markers on passports from other countries varies significantly by country. To find out more about your situation, contact your nearest Embassy or Consulate for the country where your passport was issued.

If you have dual citizenship and hold any other passports:

I don't have any existing passports

To apply for your own UK adult passport you must be either:

  • 16 or over
  • or will turn 16 within the next three weeks.

If you are under 16, your parent or guardian must apply for a child passport for you, and to change gender marker you must provide written consent from everyone with parental responsibility (or legal guardianship) 1.

If you already have a gender recognition certificate (GRC) or an updated birth certificate, you can apply for a passport as normal with your updated birth or adoption certificate. Name change documents and letters from doctors are not required.

If you do not have a gender recognition certificate (GRC) and updated birth certificate, you will need to fill in the application for a new passport, and include your existing birth or adoption certificate along with the documents listed above.

In both cases, you will need to send the passport office two passport photographs, which will need to be countersigned.

How much does getting a new passport cost?

At the time of writing (November 2022) the cost of a new or updated UK adult passport is £75.50 (online) or £85 (paper form). You can find up-to-date information on the HM Passport Office website.


If you have visas in your old passport and still wish to travel to those countries, what you need to do will vary depending on the country.

  • Some countries will allow you to travel with both your new valid passport and your old invalidated passport, but this will out you every time that you need to show your visa.
  • Other countries will require you to have the visa transferred or possibly even apply for a new visa.

You should check with any country you hold a visa with before you update your details, or just apply for new visas.

Where can I learn more?

You can read more about obtaining or renewing passports for people who have changed name or gender marker on the HM Passport Office website.

There is very detailed information on the exact rules for when a change of gender is permitted and what evidence needs to be provided in this HM Passport Office document.


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