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Bra inserts

What are bra inserts?

Anatomically shaped soft (usually silicone) objects that are placed into a bra to provide the impression there is more breast tissue present. These may also result in a more visible cleavage.

They're also known as Chicken fillets, Cleavage boosters, or Breast enhancers.

What do bra inserts do?

How long do bra inserts last?

This is a temporary technique that works while the person is clothed and as long as the inserts are being worn.

How do I get bra inserts?

Inserts can be bought from high street shops which have a large lingerie section, including Marks and Spencer, John Lewis, and Debenhams. They can also be bought from online retailers including Amazon. If you’re worried about receiving bra inserts at your home address, you could try having them delivered to a nearby Amazon Locker.

Some retailers also sell “pocketed bras”: these are bras specifically designed for holding bra inserts, normally used after a mastectomy surgery (surgical removal of all or part of the breast). These pocketed bras can also be used to hold bra inserts for people who have not had a mastectomy.

Are there other options?

An alternative to bra inserts is prosthetic breasts, which are similar but are stuck to the skin using an adhesive.

You may be able to get a similar effect without inserts by selecting the right type of bra. For example, if you don’t need much padding, you could get a padded bra. If you only want to increase the amount of cleavage, you could use a push-up bra.

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