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Prosthetic breasts

What are prosthetic breasts?

Silicone breast forms placed on the chest to give the appearance of breasts.

They're also known as Breast forms.

What do prosthetic breasts do?

How long do prosthetic breasts last?

This is a temporary technique that works while the prosthetics are attached.

Who might want to use prosthetic breasts?

Breast forms are commonly marketed to people who have had a mastectomy (breast removal) due to cancer, but they can be used by anyone. Breast forms may be designed to increase the size of existing breast tissue, or to be used by people who are entirely missing one or both both breasts.

As some breast forms are attached to the skin with adhesive, many prosthetic breasts can be used when you are wearing little or not clothing.

Are there other options?

For a simpler solution, it is also possible to use bra inserts, which are held against the body by a bra.

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