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What is scrotoplasty?

Surgery to create a scrotum by reshaping and closing the labia majora together and then inserting testicular prostheses into the labia.

What does scrotoplasty do?

Who can have scrotoplasty?

  • You must have had 12 continuous months living as your gender identity

  • You must have had 12 continuous months of HRT, unless you’re unable to

  • You must have capacity to consent for this treatment

  • If you have significant medical conditions, these need to be “reasonably well-controlled”

  • Under 18s cannot have this but can be referred at 17

  • You typically need a BMI of less than 30

  • Outside of Scotland this is only commissioned as a part of phalloplasty or metoidioplasty

How long does scrotoplasty last?

The effects are permanent and cannot be reversed.

What else might I want?

Usually scrotoplasty will be performed during the same operation as metoidioplasty or during the process of phalloplasty.


This page is illustrated using a photograph by Павел Сорокин available at Pexels.

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