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Forehead recontouring

What is forehead recontouring?

Surgery to make the ridge on the forehead under the eyebrows less prominent.

What does forehead recontouring do?

  • Face

    Changes forehead shape

What should I be aware of?

Possible complications of forehead recontouring include alopecia (hair loss), bones not correctly growing back together, and mucocele (mucus filled cyst). These complications may require further operations, and it may not be possible to completely fix some problems that forehead recontouring can cause 1.

To ensure you are receiving the safest possible treatment, you should follow this advice from the Care Quality Commission on how to choose cosmetic surgery.

Information for under 18s

There is no set lower age limit for cosmetic facial surgery. However, the General Medical Council recommend 2 that:

  • Cosmetic surgeries must only be given to minors when it is in their best interests
  • Even if you have capacity to consent, you will be encouraged to involve your parents in the decision
  • If you do not want to have a cosmetic surgery, you should not have one, even if your parents consent on your behalf
  • Cosmetic surgeries should not be marketed towards under 18s

How does it work?

Forehead recontouring involves changing the shape of the bones of the skull. This can often be achieved by opening the forehead and shaving down the bone. In some cases, it is necessary to cut out a section of bone, trim it, and replace it in a new position using titanium plates or screws.

What else might I want?

Forehead recontouring is often combined with hairline advance surgery and brow lift surgery 3, p.305.


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