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Changing glasses frames

What is changing glasses frames?

Replacing existing glasses frames with a new design, changing your appearance.

What does changing glasses frames do?

  • Face

    Changes appearance

How long does changing glasses frames last?

Glasses frames slowly go out of fashion over a number of years and may eventually need replacing.

Why might I want to change my glasses frames?

Your choice of glasses frames affects how your face shape is perceived. For example, you could choose frames to create the illusion that a “long” face is shorter, or you could choose an angular style to make your face look less rounded.

Even if you don’t have any problems with your vision, you can still take advantage of this with “clear” glasses that are not designed to correct vision. You can purchase these online or in some high street fashion shops.

How do I choose new glasses frames?

Choosing glasses frames for yourself can be difficult. If you are trying on frames in a store, it can be helpful to take a friend with you for a second opinion.

You may also find it helpful to read about what different types of frames suit different face types. There is a helpful guide to this on the Boots Opticians website. Remember that these are guidelines, rather than rules, so don’t be afraid to go against this advice if a shape makes you more comfortable.

How much will it cost?

Glasses frames vary significantly in price.

Prescription glasses from high street opticians range between £25 and £250, but can significantly exceed this, depending on brand and the type of prescription required.

Clear glasses which do not correct vision in any way can be as inexpensive as £5-10.

Some retailers provide offers on buying two pairs of frames at once, which can be useful for changing your look depending on context.

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