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What does it mean?

Several terms refer to genetics:

  • genetic (e.g. genetic woman, genetic girl or genetic man) is used describe people who have the karyotype that is most common for that identity. Karyotype is a genetics term, meaning which chromosomes a person has.
  • GG is sometimes used as an abbreviation of “genetic girl”, particularly by older people
  • genetically female or genetically male are terms that are sometimes used
  • XX and XY refer to the specific karyotypes that are most commonly found in women and men respectively

In almost all cases where these terms could be used, it is better to use “cisgender” instead, which has far fewer problems associated with it.


Terms that reference genetics can:

  • be used to imply some people are “fake”
  • reduce people to their genetics, rather than who they are as a person
  • invalidate the identities of intersex people

These terms are now falling out of use. It is strongly recommended that you do not use these terms to describe other people unless you are absolutely sure they are happy for you to do so, and that other people around you will not be upset by it.

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