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What surgeries are available?

The following surgeries are funded by the NHS for people with a formal diagnosis:

There is a considerable wait to access medical support from the NHS. If you have a formal diagnosis, you can pay for these surgeries yourself, which can mean a shorter wait.

The following surgeries are not normally funded by the NHS gender pathway:

While funding for these surgeries is not normally provided by the NHS gender services, approval for funding can sometimes be given on an individual basis.

How do I access medical support?

To get access to surgery, you will need to use medical services. You can read information about these services using on our pages:

How do I choose a surgical team?

For some surgeries there are a large number of teams that will offer the surgery in the UK.

You can find useful tips for deciding which surgery team to use on the Umbrella Cymru website.

How can I get ready for surgery?

Doing some preparation in advance can help make sure everything goes smoothly during your hospital stay and recovery. To help you avoid forgetting to do or buy something we have created a Getting ready for gender surgeries page.

Where can I get support?

When you and your clinical team agree that you are ready for surgery on the NHS, the NHS Gender Dysphoria National Referral Support Services (GDNRSS) will process your referral to your chosen surgical provider. They have a Single Point of Access support line that you can call for information about your referral, the status of your chosen provider and practical information such as travel and parking, who can accompany you, what to take with you and where to report when you get there.

You can also book a virtual consultation with one of the GDNRSS Clinical Nurse Advisors who can provide information on:

  • Surgical techniques used by various providers and surgeon teams
  • Typical recovery times following surgery
  • Potential post-surgical complications
  • Surgical eligibility criteria, where providers have these in place
  • Waiting times for surgical providers
  • Supporting patients to change provider

You can contact the service by calling 01522 85 77 99 or by email. The service is open Monday to Friday from 9am until 5pm. You can find out more about the service in this booklet.

Where can I find out more?

You can find more PDFs and websites about surgery in the Surgery section on

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