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Information for UK sports+fitness clubs/venues

Policies and guidance

Policies and guidance from organisations in the UK can be found on the website.

A list of policies produced by international organisations and organisations across the world is available on

UK organisations

  1. Logo of TAGS* Swimming

    TAGS* Swimming

    We are starting a swimming group in London for trans and gender non-conforming peeps, first in Lewisham and in other areas if need and interest exists.


  2. Logo of Trans & Non-binary Football Supporters Group

    Trans & Non-binary Football Supporters Group

    Transgender and Non-binary fans campaigning against Transphobia in the world of football.


  3. Logo of Trans Active

    Trans Active

    Trans Active aims to help the trans community in and around Sheffield socialise and improve their fitness and mental wellbeing through sport in a safe, relaxed environment.

    Website Instagram Facebook 

  4. Logo of Trans Active Glasgow

    Trans Active Glasgow

    Trans Active is sociable multi-sport group for trans, N-B and GNC people aged 18+ in Glasgow. Get in touch for info and opportunities!

    Organised by @LEAPsports

    Website Instagram Facebook Twitter 

  5. Logo of Trans Can Sport

    Trans Can Sport

    Providing safe and friendly fitness and leisure activities for Trans folk in Brighton & Hove.

    Website Instagram Facebook Twitter 

  6. Logo of Trans Fitness

    Trans Fitness

    Online directory run by transgender fit-pro to help Trans/Non-Binary people find sports/activities that are welcoming and encourage ALL to be fitter/healthier.

    Website Instagram Twitter 

  7. Logo of Trans Girls Can

    Trans Girls Can

    Celebrating trans women who embrace health and fitness #TransGirlsCan Inspired by awesome #ThisGirlCan campaign. All tweets @sophiegreen @megs_key.

    Website Instagram Facebook Twitter 

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