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Sex and contraception

Sexual health for trans people

Terrence Higgins Trust have useful pages giving information about:

Contraception for trans people

There is clear advice about contraception for trans people on the FSRH website.

Trans-inclusive sex education

Planned Parenthood Toronto have produced a collection of queer sex ed resources. Some of the information about healthcare is specific to Toronto.

LGBT Youth Scotland have a produced various inclusive guides to sex and relationships.

TransgenderNI have a resource discussing the sexual health of trans young people.

Sexual health organisations for trans people

  1. Logo of 56T at 56 Dean Street

    56T at 56 Dean Street

    56T is a holistic sexual health and wellbeing service for all trans/non-binary people, their partners and friends. 56T provide gender-based counselling and perform injections for hormones prescribed elsewhere.

    Website Instagram Facebook 

  2. Logo of Butterfly Clinic at the Royal Liverpool Hospital

    Butterfly Clinic at the Royal Liverpool Hospital

    The Butterfly Clinic has been set up to be a dedicated sexual health service for Transgender service users.


  3. Logo of CliniQ CIC

    CliniQ CIC

    Trans/NB, queer. Holistic Counselling. Wellbeing & Sexual Health services & confidential All Donations go to @Clini_Q CIC

    Website Instagram Facebook Twitter 

  4. Logo of Clinic T Trans Clinic

    Clinic T Trans Clinic

    Clinic T is a sexual health service based in Brighton for anyone who identifies as trans, non-binary or gender variant (partners are welcome too). Clinic T can provide hormone levels testing and perform injections for hormones prescribed elsewhere, and also testing and treatment for STIS, help with bleeding control and contraception, cervical cytology, vaccination, social support and signposting to local partner support organisations.

    Website Twitter 

  5. Logo of Clinic Trans at Birmingham LGBT

    Clinic Trans at Birmingham LGBT

    Birmingham LGBT supported by Umbrella are committed to providing quality, accessible and appropriate sexual health services for the trans and non binary community. We offer a monthly sexual health and well-being clinic for all trans and non binary people.


In Nottingham, there is also Clinic X at The Health Shop, a closed sexual health clinic for people who are trans and gender diverse.

In Leeds, there is a monthly trans and nonbinary sexual health clinic run by Yorkshire MESMAC.

In Manchester, there is a weekly clinic for trans and gender diverse people run by the Northern Sexual Health.

More information

You can find a variety of UK-specific publications about sex, contraception, and sexual health aimed a trans, nonbinary, and gender-variant audience on the website.

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