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Private surgery teams

Surgeons offering both private and NHS services

You can find a complete list of UK surgeons who can be accessed via the NHS on the NGICNS website. Many of these surgeons will see patients “privately” also - that is, where the patient pays for the surgery themselves, rather than it being paid for by the NHS, including:

Private-only surgery teams in the UK

A small number of UK surgeons offering gender surgeries will only take private patients. We are aware of the following surgery teams in the UK:

Surgery teams outside of the UK

There are many other private surgery teams based outside of the UK. You might want to have surgery abroad for many reasons, such as access to techniques not available from UK surgeons, lower cost of surgery in other countries, or wanting surgery from a specific surgeon who does not operate in the UK. However, there are a number of potential disadvantages to surgery abroad that are also worth considering carefully. There is information to help you make these decisions on the UK Government website and on the NHS website.

Choosing your surgery team

You can find useful tips for deciding which surgery team to use on the Umbrella Cymru website.

You can find more information about private hospitals in the UK by searching on the Private Healthcare Information Network website.

More information

There is more information about surgery on the surgery section of this website.

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