Having suidical thoughts?

You can find information about what to do to get help on the NHS Choices website.


Mindline Trans+ provide a helpline for people across the UK for anyone regardless of their gender, run by the mental health charity Mind.

Mermaids provide a helpline and email support for transgender youth.

If you are finding you are struggling with mental health issues, make an appointment to see your GP as they will be able to arrange for treatments like talking therapies or medication. If you’re worried about killing yourself, please click here right now to find out what to do to get help.

If you’re worried about hurting yourself or other people

If you think you are seeing or hearing things that aren’t there, or you think you may harm someone around you, please read this page on the NHS website.

If you are hurting yourself in order to cope - even if it is by exercising too much, using alcohol or drugs, or not eating enough or too much - it’s important that you get help. The NHS have a page about self-harming and how to get help.

If you’re worried about someone else

It can be difficult to know what to do if you’re worried about someone else’s mental health.

Thankfully, you can find information about what to do online on the NHS Choices website:

More information

There’s more information about common mental health conditions on the NHS Choices website:

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