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Medical gender services

How do I use medical services?

  1. Decide if you need medical support

    Read our formal diagnosis page to find out if you need to use a medical service.

  2. Choose which services to use

    Read our tips for choosing a gender service - we have full details of all your options. If you can afford it, and are over 18, getting both a private and an NHS referral can help you access hormones more quickly.

  3. Get your referrals

    Read our how to get referred page for more information.

    Once you are referred you will be placed onto a wait list. We have a page with information about how long you might wait for. If you’d like to begin hormone therapy while you are waiting you can ask your GP for a bridging prescription.

  4. Have your assessment appointments

    Read our first appointments at gender services page so you know what to expect.

    Once the assessment is complete you can be given a formal diagnosis.

  5. Under 18 only: further assessment

    Young people have two additional assessment appointments with the UCLH team.

  6. Under 18 only: get puberty blockers

    Young people may then be offered GnRH agonist medication.

  7. Approval for hormone treatment

    You may be allowed to start hormones at this point if either:

    • you are over 18
    • or you are over 15 and have taken blockers for more than a year

    and your clinical team feel you are ready to begin.

    Read our hormones page for more information about hormones.

    If you are using a private service you will need to book an appointment with a private endocrinologist to begin your hormone treatment. After that appointment your endocrinologist can write to your GP to request shared care.

  8. Referral for surgery if you want it

    Read our surgery page for more information. Surgeries are only available to over 18s. NHS surgery funding is only available to patients who have been given a formal diagnosis by the NHS.

What do I do if something goes wrong?

We have information about fixing common problems and about making a complaint.

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