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Information about general health

Screening tests

During your life the NHS will invite you to a number of screening tests for common conditions. As the prevalence of these conditions is different for men and women, some tests only invite people who have “female” on their NHS record, and some tests only invite people who have “male” on their NHS record. This can mean people who have changed their gender marker can invited to the wrong tests for the body parts they have.

If you change your NHS gender marker, you should remember that you may not receive reminders for the tests you need, and may have to ask for them yourself. You can read more about screening tests and which tests you might need:

Sexual health and contraception

You can find out more about sexual health and contraception on our page on this subject.

Exercise and nutrition

You might want to read our pages on exercise and dieting for more information on these from the perspective of changing things linked to gender.

You can find out more about sports and exercise on our page on this subject.

Dealing with problems

If you are experiencing problems accessing healthcare, we have information about fixing common problems and about making a complaint.

Further reading

You can find a detailed list of resources about health, ageing, exercise, nutrition, and sexual health on the the website.

You can find more information about accessing healthcare on our pages here:

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