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Hate crime

Transphobic hate crime is:

  • threats and intimidation
  • harassment and bullying
  • physical harm and assault
  • and damage to property

where the perpetrator is motivated by how they perceive a person’s gender identity.

Hate crimes can also be motivated by a persons sexuality, disability, religion, race, ethnicity or nationality 1.

LGBT Foundation have produced A Guide to Reporting Transphobic Crime.

There is detailed information about sexual orientation and transgender identity hate crime on the Citizens Advice England website.

Stop Hate UK provide a LGBT hate crime support line and tools to report hate crime online.

True Vision provide tools to report hate crime online.

Complaints about professionals

If you want to make a complaint about transphobia from a professional, there is information available on how to make a complaint about:

You may also be able to get advice on making complaints about medical professionals from PALS.


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