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Specialist UK gender clinics

Updated February 2021

This is the most recent information provided by each organisation by 2021-02-01.


We cannot check the quality or safety of services on this page.

In the UK, people who are changing things linked to gender are supported by a set of specialist centres, often known as “gender identity clinics” (GICs), which offer formal diagnosis and access to other services like hormone medications and surgeries.

tickFree UK-based services

You can access these gender services for free by asking your GP to make a referral. However, these services have significant waiting lists, and may require a wait of several years before being seen. They will also only accept you as a patient if you are registered with a GP in a specific area.

  • Logo of Chalmers Gender Identity Clinic
    EdinburghChalmers17+ only27+ month wait

    Borders, Fife, or Lothian GP only

  • Logo of West of England Specialist Gender Identity Clinic
    ExeterWest of England17+ only60+ month wait

    England GP only

  • Logo of The Nottingham Centre for Transgender Health
    Nottingham17+ only37+ month wait

    England GP only

  • Logo of Northamptonshire Gender Identity Clinic
    NorthantsDaventry17+ only43+ month wait

    England GP only

  • Logo of Northern Region Gender Dysphoria Service
    Newcastle17+ only36+ month wait

    England GP only

  • Logo of Leeds Gender Identity Service
    Leeds17+ only37+ month wait

    England GP only

  • Logo of Porterbrook Clinic Gender Identity Service
    SheffieldPorterbrook17+ only44+ month wait

    England GP only

  • Logo of Grampian Gender Identity Clinic
    Grampian18+ only18+ month wait

    Grampian, Orkney and Shetland GP only

  • Logo of Highland Gender Identity Service
    InvernessHighland GIS17+ onlyUnknown wait

    Highland GP only

  • Logo of Knowing Our Identity Gender Identity Development Service
    BelfastKOIUnder 18s3+ month wait

    Northern Ireland residents only

  • Logo of Brackenburn Clinic Regional Gender Identity Service
    BelfastBrackenburn18+ only

    Up to 47 months

    Northern Ireland residents only

  • Logo of Sandyford Gender Identity Service
    GlasgowSandyfordAll ages36+ month wait

    Scotland GP only

  • Logo of Tavistock and Portman Gender Identity Development Service
    London GIDSTavistockUnder 18s23+ month wait

    UK GP only

  • Logo of Tavistock and Portman Gender Identity Clinic
    London GICTavistock17+ only35+ month wait

    UK GP only

  • Logo of TransPlus
    London TransPlus17+ only

    Under 2 months

    Very limited access: more info

  • Logo of Indigo Gender Service
    ManchesterIndigo17+ onlyUnknown wait

    Very limited access: more info

  • Logo of Cheshire and Merseyside Adult Gender Identity Collaborative
    MerseysideCMAGIC17+ onlyUnknown wait

    Very limited access: more info

  • Logo of Welsh Gender Service
    Welsh Gender Service18+ only30+ month wait

    Wales GP only

All these services are now accepting referrals and able to offer both phone and video appointments.

There are also several private gender services which charge fees but which may have significantly shorter waiting lists. You may wish to use these services while on the waiting list for an NHS service.

Other services

Other services that may be of interest to people in the UK include:

  • Christian Seipp offers private endocrinology services to people 18 years or older who have been previously assessed for gender dysphoria
  • GenderHealthCare offers private nursing services to gender-diverse youth and trans people of all ages, including offering specialist advice, administering injections, and taking blood samples
  • GenderGP are an international organisation providing services for trans patients of all ages, including hormones and counselling

Choosing a service

To ensure that you choose an appropriate service, it is important to investigate:

  • Are you likely to be seen promptly by the service?

  • Will you get written confirmation you have been added to a waiting list?

  • Will they perform medically unnecessary examinations of your chest or genitals?

  • Will they regularly monitor your health if you are prescribed hormones?

  • If they ask your GP for blood tests or to prescribe, will your GP agree?

  • If they write a letter recommending you for surgery, will surgeons accept it?

  • Do they have fees or subscriptions that have a similar cost to other services?

  • Do they respond quickly to questions? How often will they check in with you?

  • Do past patients recommend the service? What are people saying online?

A well-run service will be happy to help you with questions on these subjects. You may also find useful information on these subjects, and other people’s thoughts and experiences of services, by searching /r/transgenderuk for information.

Waiting times

Waiting time information shown on this page is taken from information given directly to us by the services or published on their website.

Waiting times indicate how long patients who have just been invited for their first appointment have waited for. As demand is currently increasing over time, this means it is likely you will wait longer than the time shown on this page. The time shown on this page is the wait until a first appointment, but you are likely to be required to attend further appointments before receiving any medical treatments, which will involve further waiting.

Many gender services currently have very lengthy wait lists, and it can be very difficult to be waiting for so long. You can find ways you can get help while you are waiting on our Mental Health page.

If you switch from the wait list of one gender service to another, how long you wait for an appointment may take into account how long you have already waited, but not all services offer this. If you are considering switching from one gender service to another, you may wish to contact them to find out whether your existing wait time may be taken into account by the new service.

Getting a referral to an NHS clinic

If you’re an adult, you can ask your GP for a referral to a specialist gender service, and they should refer you directly without first referring you to a local mental health team.

If you’re a young person, you can ask your GP for a referral to one of the specialist youth gender services. You can see your GP without your parents present, and they shouldn’t tell them about what you’ve discussed without your consent, though they may encourage you to talk to them yourself. If you’re in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, you might be referred to a CAMHS team before being referred to a specialist gender service. If you’re in Scotland, you can be referred to Sandyford’s Young People’s Gender Service directly.

If you’re in Scotland (regardless of age), you can self-refer to Sandyford; see their website for more information.

All the private gender services accept self-referral. However, it may be helpful to speak to your GP before self-referring to a private service, to find out if your GP will be able to support your treatment and if they are able to support you with blood tests and prescribing.

How much will it cost?

British citizens are able to access the NHS and HSC gender services for free. If you are not a British citizen, you may still be able to access these services for free, and more details can be found on the Immigration page.

Patients applying to Tavistock GIDS from Wales will need to ask their GP to apply for funding from their local CCG.

You may be able to get help with the cost of travelling to attending appointments at NHS or HSC gender services. Further information about travel costs can be found:

More information about travel funding is also available on the London GIC website and the London GIDS website.

Costs for private services vary significantly. You can find price details on their websites, plus a comparison of estimated costs on the Trans Health UK website. If you are using private gender services to obtain medications, the service will normally ask your GP to write you NHS prescriptions. Your GP may or may not agree to do this - it is up to them. NHS England have published guidance for GPs to help them make this decision, which you may wish to give to your GP. If your GP agrees to prescribe, the cost of your medication is the same as any other NHS prescription. If your GP does not, the private service can write you private prescriptions, which you will have to pay the full cost of.

Where can I learn more?

There are official pages about finding a gender clinic available:

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