What effects does it have?

  • Voice

    Raising or lowering pitch and changing sound

What is it?

Professional training in changing the quality of your voice.

How long does it last?

The lessons learned in speech therapy may allow you to make a life-long change to your voice.

More information

Speech and language therapy can be used by people wanting to change the quality of their voice, raise the pitch of their voice, or lower their average pitch.

A trained speech therapist helps you discover what you would like your voice to sound like and helps you achieve those goals. Speech therapy may be one-on-one, or in a group therapy setting.

Speech therapy cannot normally lower the bottom of the pitch range. Many people are able to accomplish that using testosterone instead, though its effects are permanent. (While testosterone is able to lower the bottom of the vocal range for many people, oestrogen has no effect on the voice).

A minority of people are unable to reach their goals through speech and language therapy or testosterone treatment and undergo surgical interventions to change their voice.

Costs and funding

Speech and language therapy is often provided free of charge by UK gender identity clinics, with several clinics having their own in-house speech and language therapists.

Speech therapists can charge a variety of different rates, from as low as £50/hour up to over £150/hour. When searching for a speech therapist, you should check they are registered with HCPC UK by checking on their website. Checking they are an HCPC member helps make sure that your therapist is properly trained.

Private speech and language therapists in the UK who advertise specific experience around gender include:

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Page last updated: March 2019