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What is plucking?

Temporary removal of body hair using tweezers.

What does plucking do?

How long does plucking last?

The effects last until the hair regrows (days to weeks).

Why might I want to pluck hairs?

Plucking can be a useful approach when you need to remove small number of individual hairs. Compared to shaving, plucking has the advantage that it removes the whole hair including the part underneath the skin, which can mean that the hair takes longer to grow back.

Plucking is often used on eyebrow hairs. This can be to remove stray hairs that are separate from the main eyebrow, to reshape the eyebrows or make them thinner, or to remove hair from the bottom to make the eyebrows look higher up on the face. If you are plucking your own eyebrows, it may be difficult to know how much hair to remove and where. You can find diagrams and articles on other websites that describe different eyebrow shapes and give general guidelines about how to shape your eyebrows.

Are there other options?

Plucking is a painful and slow method of hair removal best used for a small area. For body hair on larger areas like legs, you can use an epilator, which is a device with a set of tweezers that quickly plucks out many hairs for you. You can also use other methods of temporary hair removal such as waxing or shaving.

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