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What is packing?

Wearing padding or an object ('packer') in the crotch to create a bulge.

What does packing do?

How long does packing last?

This is a temporary technique that works while the packer/padding is being worn. Some ‘prosthetic’ packers are designed to continue working when clothing is removed.

How do I stay safe?

If you are using a packer as part of sex, be aware that it may transfer sexually transmitted diseases from one partner to another. You may want to use a condom over the packer, or sterilise the packer between uses - but remember that only packers made from silicone can be sterilised.

How do I pack?

Packing provides an easy way to make it look like you have a penis. You may need something to hold the packer in place:

  • tight/sports underwear: wearing tight underwear or multiple layers of underwear can often be enough to hold the packer in place.
  • packer pouches: also known as “cock socks”, these are fabric pouches with Velcro on one side that attach to the inside of your underwear.
  • packer harnesses/straps: a strap that goes around your hips which attaches to the packer to hold it in place.
  • boxer harnesses: boxer shorts with a built in ring or pouch that the packer fits in to hold it in place.
  • professional alteration: services such as can add a built-in packer pouch to many types of underwear
  • DIY options: such as modifying an existing pair of underwear by stitching in a pocket.

UK retailers of packers and harnesses are listed, along with many other gender-related products and services, on the G(END)ER SWAP Style Resource Index page.

Packers come in different sizes. Bear in mind that penises get bigger during arousal, so don’t try and order a packer that has the length of an erect penis unless you want to look like you are in a permanent state of arousal.

What kinds are there?

Multiple different kinds of packers are available, including:

  • DIY packers: using home made packers such as rolled up socks, or condoms filled with hair gel or “gak”.
  • packers with built in STP: these packers are designed with a built in funnel and tube that allows you to urinate out of them while standing (“standing to pee”). You can also buy devices to do this which are not used for packing, normally called STP devices.
  • prosthetic packers: these attach to your body using surgical glue so that they stay in place even when underwear is removed. More expensive models may be highly realistic and airbrushed to give a natural variation in colour.
  • packers designed for use in penetrative sex: packers which contain a bendable rod or which can be inflated.

Are there other options?

If you find that you are still unhappy when packing, there are the more risky and permanent surgical options of phalloplasty or metoidioplasty.

How much will it cost?

Basic packers can cost as little as £5. Packers designed to look extremely realistic and with extra features can cost much more, up to several hundred pounds.

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