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Hair extensions

What are hair extensions?

Increasing the length of hair by attaching more hair to it.

They're also known as Falls or Weaves.

What do hair extensions do?

  • Head hair

    Increases length and can help hide hairline or balding

How long do hair extensions last?

Some hair extensions can be clipped into your hair for a day at a time, and can be reused for some time. Other extensions are tied, glued or braided in, and may last from weeks to months.

How do I get hair extensions?

Some hair extensions can be clipped to your hair at home, while others will generally require a salon visit. The actual process of attaching the extensions may take several hours.

For salon extensions, you will have to return to the salon for periodic maintenance every few months or if you want the extensions removed.

You may be required to grow your hair to a minimum length before the extensions can be attached.

Some hair salons advertise services specifically for transgender clients that include hair extensions:

Some specialist hair extension salons also have statements on their websites that indicate they are happy to work with transgender clients, such as:

What kinds are there?

Hair extensions vary considerably in several ways:

  • attachment method: some are easily clipped to your hair at home, whereas others are attached using one of several different methods in a salon. Some methods may damage your existing hair more than others, and some may irritate your scalp.
  • amount of hair: some provide just a ponytail or a fringe, while others provide multiple different pieces that attach to different parts of your head in different lengths.
  • material: some extensions are made of synthetic material, while others are made from real human hair or a blend of synthetic and human hair. Human hair comes in different quality grades, and you are encouraged to research this in detail as the terminology can be complex and confusing.

How much will it cost?

Cheaper hair extensions that can be applied yourself can cost as little as £30, with high quality products costing over £100.

Hair extensions that are more permanently attached to your hair are available as a service in some general hair salons, and also in salons that specialise in applying hair extensions. Some salons will require a consultation before giving a price, while others offer pricing information on their website. Prices vary, ranging from around £125 to £1000 depending on the amount of work to be done.

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